Thursday, July 28, 2011


I'm not breaking any new ground by saying that it's hot in Houston.  As a guy who spends the majority of his work day outside, hopping from place to place in a truck that doesn't cool down before I get to my next meeting, the biggest obstacle I run into these days is simply: How do I stay Hydrated?  This heat completely just zaps my energy, and the amount of water that I loose during the day walking, crawling under houses, and worst of all sitting on Hwy 290 and Loop 610.  I take 2 liters of water with me each day, and during a 10-12 hour workday I still need stops at the local corner store for a Gatorade, and my favorite quick stop into Starbucks to cool down and grab an iced coffee or tea.  It's been brutal, and it doesn't seem like there is much relief in site, despite the recent rains and the storms forming in the gulf.

Hydration is something I focus on every day.  Not only do I see the daily effects of the hottest summer in 113 years on my body, but I also see it on the homes that I look at every day.  With the expansive clays here in Houston, the soils are currently also severely dehydrated.  Add very large, older trees in the mix and the amount of moisture being pulled out of the ground is staggering, and virtually impossible to replace.  Unfortunately there is no Gatorade for these Gulf Region Clays.  Cracks in the bricks, drywall, and even windows are occurring at a very swift and mind boggling pace.  Sticking/inoperable doors, soil that is pulled away from the foundation far enough you can see underneath the home, and even patios that are pulling away from the house are very prevalent as well. If you are seeing these effects on your home it's a good idea to call a structural engineer, or a local foundation repair contractor such as Perma Pier Foundation Repair (877) 840-9993.

Until then, make sure that you are watering.  With the fact that soils basically act as a large sponge, keeping a consistent moisture level in them is important.  It's also important to water your lot entirely, not just the foundation, paying extra attention to areas that get a bulk of sunlight or with large trees/decorative plants.   Make sure you keep both yourself and your foundation as well!

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