Friday, August 26, 2011

A little about me.....

So, many of you out there don't know much about me.  I know from reading other people's blog's that I constantly ask "I wonder who this guy is?"  So, what am I like when I'm not running all over town, crawling in, out and under people's houses?

Really I'm like most people.  I'm a former high school physics teacher who somehow got caught up in the crazy mad world of the foundation repair business. I grew up in a suburb of Ft. Worth, Tx.  I went to a tiny private college in York, Nebraska and loved the smalltown life while I was there. My two favorite hobbies are running, and cooking. Really, cooking is probably not appropriate.  I should probably say is just the necessary means to eat.  What are my favorite things to cook?  Everything.  Mexican, Italian, Greek, Asian, Persian, and good ol' Americana.  I love to cook things I've never cooked, I love to cook things I come up with, and I love to take my unhealthy disgusting junk food cravings and try to make them as healthy as possible (something my thirties deemed necessary) and I love to make everything from scratch.  My dad was a tremendous cook, and so was my mom.  So I grew up pretty spoiled by what I ate. This passion is just a carry over of that. 

Running is just something I've always loved to do.  Ever since I was a kid, just loved to be outside running.  I mean...... I'm not Forrest Gump, and my gimpy left knee makes it hard to put the miles in that I used to.  I run currently about 15 miles a week.  I'm  trying to push that into 20-25 and hoping that I might be able to actually run a marathon this year.  I already have the calluses built up, so I'm half way there!