Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Drought Watch - October 2014

You can see below that much of the state is now out of the nasty drought that reeked havoc on foundations all across the state a couple of years back.  Some areas are still experiencing extremely low rainfall.  However, just because we are out of the drought does not guarantee healthy soil conditions, or a healthy foundation.  Drainage, watering, and moisture control are still vital towards having a healthy foundation.  If you have a question over your foundation, please call us.
Brian Gilchriest

Sales Manager-Houston

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Last Week2014-09-3028.9271.0848.9529.5411.262.69
3 Months Ago2014-07-0812.4687.5460.9936.4818.364.51
Start of Calendar Year2013-12-3128.4871.5243.8421.155.820.79
Start of Water Year2014-09-3028.9271.0848.9529.5411.262.69
One Year Ago2013-10-086.6093.4070.4725.414.410.12
U.S. Drought Monitor forTexas

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